Birh Announcements

Ever Changed Birth Announcements Production

Birth announcements are very practical and the concept of announcing the safe arrival of your child to people has come a long way and expanded over time. The overall tradition of birth announcements began back in the more aristocratic days. Back in the seventeenth century, the nobility would make up birth announcements to let their whole estate over which they had authority know about the son or daughter who was born to them. These economical birth announcements were always handwritten and to save money they were always hand delivered; not that money was ever an issue. During this time, making them from a mass production method like we often do today when we go to buy these affordable birth announcements from the store was considered rude.

It wasn't until the late nineteenth century that those economical birth announcements weren't so economical anymore as the printing press was in charge of birth announcements. Printing paper was available to everyone to do up affordable birth announcements. Then lithography was invented and affordable birth announcements went up a bit more as fancy artwork could be added to these birth announcements. They became a way to show off your wealth as well as your new baby, as the designs of birth announcements became more elaborate.

Within time, even these above styles slowly dwindled in the birth announcements industry. More and more people wanted something with more of an affordable homemade touch and hence that is why economical birth announcements are quite popular once again. Some people just wanted a way to make birth announcements ahead of time when they didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl. Many women want to include many things that these mass productions are not willing to include. Many want to include a picture of the first ultra sound to show off their new precious bundle of joy. There are ways around that from certain internet-based birth announcements companies but also, hand-made birth announcements have become popular again in the last few years.

Other people use what scrap booking skills they have and apply it to the birth announcements. This allows them to add a bit of this and that that reminds them of the child that they are about to have. For some this is most cost efficient too as you pay the most for the stamps that one must use if they are going to send them through the postal service. There are of course other people who like to follow the traditions that one can't do so easily in mass produced birth announcements. These traditions include the stork that "delivers" the baby to the proud couple. There are the color schemes with blue for a boy and pink for a girl. While green and yellow are more neutral in case the couple doesn't want to know what they are having but want to prepare their birth announcements ahead of time. People in all walks of life with all sorts of budgets like to send out birth announcements to tell of the arrival of their new little one, and so there are birth announcement options to suit all budgets.

Some people have left birth announcements up to the newspaper. Cities have to keep a record of babies that were born and they want to share the great day with many people. Some of these people they don't even know. That isn't my way of doing it, but if it works for some, then hey, that is their sort of thing.

There you have it. This is the emergence and the change of what we know as birth announcements. What has a strong history is changing the lives of many couples and allowing many to be a part of this celebration.